[Yoo dong] Wild whelk (golbaengi) Hot chili simmered 140g X 1EA

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[Yoo dong]

Wild whelk / sea snail (golbaengi) Hot chili simmered 140g X 1EA


  • Whelk (Golbaengi) is impossible aquatic farm is still.
  • Natural Canned golbaengi is made of natural golbaengi caught in the deep seabed with 50m ~ 200m fish pot.
  • Golbaengi has less fat than oysters, protein is more likely.
  • The low-calorie foods.
  • Taurine is also contained in the golbaengi reduce cholesterol in your blood.
  • It is effective against fatigue, restore sight.


[ etc Info]

  • Type : Aquatic products (pasteurized products)
  • Raw material : (imported) Whelk 40%
  • Spicy seasoning : Corn, carrots, okbaeyu, Hot Chili, onion, red pepper, garlic powder Janglim, concentrated beef paste, potato starch
  • Hot pepper ( Korean name is 'Qingyang pepper' )

[ Notice ]

  • Net weight : 140g (140g X 1EA)
  • Package(Boxed) weight : 240g (0.529109/LBS)
  • Made in KOREA

 *Package may differ to the photo.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review