[Ottogi] Korean food cooked rice and spicy sauce with pork cup bab instant food korean cupbab 280g

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 Ottogi Cupbap Microwavable Rice Bowls


- Upgrade in Taste, Upgrade in Convenience! The new and improved OTTOGI Delicious Cooked Rice!
- OTTOGI loved for our OTTOGI Cooked Rice and 3 minute dishes now provides a reliable and tasty new product.
- The original taste of each menu is enriched and now you can enjoy larger particles.
Cup Rice Pork Rice Bowl 280g

[How to Cook with Microwave]

-Take off the cover to the dotted line and cut the dotted line (before cooking) of the sauce 

-Warm up both Hetban (Rice) + Sauce for 2 minutes (700 W) in the Microwave 

-Put Hetban (Rice) and Sauce in the cup and mix.

- enjoy your meal

[How to Boiling Water Cook]

-Put both Hetban (Rice) +Sauce pouch in the boiling water without opening 

-Boil them for 10 minutes

-Put them in the cup and mix.

- enjoy your meal

 *Package may differ to the photo.
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review