Maxim Korea Instant Coffee Mix Mocha Gold Mild 250 sticks 1 Box

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A cup of fragrant coffee

Mocha Gold Coffee Mix

Maxim Mocha Gold Mild, the representative coffee that everyone loves. The mocha gold made with the perfect golden ratio adds a subtle mocha scent, giving it a rich taste. Mix it with water at any time and enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee.

It is a fragrant mocha gold mild made by Maxim, the representative coffee brand in Korea. It blends good beans, frima(cream powder), and sugar at the perfect golden ratio, making the coffee rich in flavor. When you want hot coffee, just open one pack and mix it with water. With 100 pieces, you can enjoy the rich taste of mocha gold coffee mix after a lazy afternoon or after dinner.

Maxim Mocha Gold's hidden technology know-how

1. Maxim Mocha Gold's unique fragrance recovery technology: The core aroma components of coffee found by Maxim's coffee experts who developed the world's first coffee mix were recovered and optimized for optimal harmony.
2. Extract technology utilizing the unique flavor of Arabica beans: Maxim's exclusive APEX (Advanced Prime Extraction) method, which delivers the clean, fresh flavor of Arabica beans to Maxim mocha gold mild coffee, is applied.


Maxim Mocha Gold Mild, Secret of Taste

1. Casein is a pure protein: Casein is a pure protein in milk.
2. Use of coconut oil: Medium-chain fatty acids, which are quickly absorbed and consumed by the body, coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids such as milk and breast milk. Creamer of Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix uses coconut oil as its main ingredient.
3. 0g trans fat: Trans fat is 0g in Creamer of Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix.

Maxim Mocha Gold Mild 1 Box ( 250 sticks )
Weight : 1Box - 3,000g 
( 1sticks - 12g / 0.42 oz )
Please keep at dry & cold place.
Dongsuh foods corp. Korea (south)
Weight ( packing box + goods):3100g(6.83lb)


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