HOMI, Korean Garden Tool

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HOMI, Korean Garden Tool



KOREAN GARDEN TOOL This Korean garden tool is used by farmers all over Korea and it’s traditional and ancient use has proven its usability.
STRONG AND STURDY CONSTRUCTION With the strong and sturdy construction using hand forged 7-inch steel blade with comfortable wooden handle, you have complete control when using this tool.
PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT Homi digger being lighter than most garden tools is easy to operate and can be easily used by anyone without requiring excessive effort.
MULTIPLE USES You can use this root shovel for multiple purposes like weeding your garden, digging for seeding and planting and also for harvesting.
MAKES GARDENING FUN AND EASY With this ho mi Korean gardening trowel, taking care of your garden becomes easy, fun and pocket friendly.


  • Name and Model : HOMI

  • Manufacturer : South Korea etc.

  • Country : South Korea


(No reviews yet) Write a Review