[DongWon F & B] Roasted Wild whelk (golbaengi) 300g X 1EA

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Bake directly on fire
make it Chewyer
It is a grilled sea whelk(sea snail) of Dongwon that is grilled directly on the fire. Meet the chewy golbangi that is more chewy with the method of direct fire with the know-how of Dongwon.

Grilled Golbangi 300g
It is a roasted Golbangi made with Dongwon's unique know-how. With the taste and incense of fire that Koreans love, you can enjoy the savory flavor.
You can easliy make delicious dishes without the inconvenience of fishery troubles and fishy smell.
You can cook a variety of golbangi noodles, stir-fried teriyaki, stir-fried vegetables, and bibimyeon.

[Dong Won F & B]

Baked Wild whelk (golbaengi) 300g X 1EA


  • Whelk (Golbaengi) is impossible aquatic farm is still.
  • Natural Canned golbaengi is made of natural golbaengi caught in the deep seabed with 50m ~ 200m fish pot.
  • Golbaengi has less fat than oysters, protein is more likely.
  • The low-calorie foods.
  • Taurine is also contained in the golbaengi reduce cholesterol in your blood.
  • It is effective against fatigue, restore sight.


[Calory & etc Info]

  • Whelk : 100kcal / 100g
  • Type : Aquatic products (pasteurized products)
  • Raw material : (imported) Whelk 45%
  • Supplementary materials: Sugar, soy sauce, seasoning, etc.
  • Dongwon F & B whelk is baked on grill fire.

[ Notice ]

  • Net weight : 300g (300g X 1EA)
  • Package(Boxed) weight : 400g (0.881849/LBS)
  • Made in KOREA

*Package may differ to the photo. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review