[Dong Won F & B] Tuna Can-Q Fish flesh 100g X 8EA

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[Dong Won F & B] Tuna Can-Q Fish flesh 100g X 8EA 

Fleshy Tuna is just right

A fast-frozen tuna caught just in the sea.

Enjoy This fresh flesh tuna cue. 

That is full of the health of the sea with tuna that Dongwon can catch and trustworthy.

[Dong Won F & B]Tuna Can-Q Fish flesh 100g X 8EA


It is a fresh tuna, Dongwon tuna cue caught directly in the Pacific Ocean. As soon as the tuna is caught, it is frozen on board to keep the meat alive and fresh. In particular, DHA, calcium, selenium, etc. are strong, so it's perfect as a side dish for children. Keep your whole family healthy with one healthy and delicious tuna.

Korean food side dish (include OMEGA-3)

  • Canned Tuna contains a lot of OMEGA-3 and has tender taste because Dongwon quick-freezed (-20℃) fresh Tuna.
  • Alos, Dongwon Canned Tuna is clean and safe food which has certified by HACCP, KS.
  • HACCP is a food safety standard in Korea for food standards and critical control points in order.


  • Dongwon Canned Tuna is good for a person who is on diet and can be best snack for children.


[Calory Info]

  • Tuna Can-Q : 1can / 210kcal
  • Mild Tuna : 1can / 135kcal


[ Notice ]

  • Net weight : 800g (100g X 8EA)
  • Package(Boxed) weight : 900g
  • Made in KOREA


 *Package may differ to the photo.
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review