[CJ] Spam Can Mild 200g X 1EA Korean Food Ham Precooked Meat Product Pork CJ 1 Packs

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Delicious Spam
Enjoy anytime
You can slice delicious spam at any time and bake it in a size that is easy to eat. Enjoy the spam that is constantly loved with irreplaceable taste at any time.



In particular, Spam Mild preserves its original, savory and soft taste, but reduces saltiness to reduce saltiness. Enjoy a variety of spam that has been loved steadily with fried rice, rice balls, and tempura with an iconic taste that no one else can follow. The spam that is chewy and plump has a chewy texture, so it will be delicious no matter how you eat it. If spam doesn't go out well, soak it in hot water for 10 seconds and take it out.


[CJ] Spam Mild 200g X 1EA


[Food Type] 

  • Reduce saltiness, spam, taste is the same.
  • Eat or bake in the pan, I eat delicious by adding to other dishes.
  • Korean Food Ham Precooked Meat Product Pork.


[ etc Info]

  • Type : Pressed ham (meat, Canned sterilized products)
  • Brand : CJ ( Korean Brand )
  • Model : Spam Mild
  • Capacity : 200g X 1
  • Composition : 1 packs


[ Notice ] 

  • Net weight : 200g (200g X 1EA)
  • Package(Boxed) weight : 300g (0.661387/LBS)
  • Made in KOREA





Spam the key ingredients of Korean Budae Jjigae.




South Korea's Budae Stew usually includes pork, kimchi, spam, sausages, tofu(두부), mushrooms, bean sprouts(된장), green onions, onions and hot peppers.

The seasoning includes red pepper powder, soybean paste, water and minced garlic.



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